Your trash can is easily one of the most neglected household utilities you own. Every day, you throw your uneaten breakfast, the part of your lunch that you didn’t want and the dinner your mom cooked into the trash to be forgotten. You’re accustomed to throwing out the trash bag once it becomes smelly, but how often do you clean your bin? We’re afraid to even ask about your outside trash bin. While cleaning your trash bin regularly isn’t on your mind, your friends at BinFresco want to remind you that sanitizing your trash bins is key to your health. Here’s why we Sanitize Trash Bins:

Your trashcan deserves to be cleaned just like every other household appliance. Without cleaning, most can expect their can to stink, and on a hot summer’s day, it isn’t attractive. Your friends at BinFresco specialize in freshness and can help you get on track with regular cleanings. But first, let’s dig into a few reasons why you should tend to your can more often.

Here are three things currently growing in your trash can that you don’t want in your house:


There’s no doubt that bacteria lives on your outside trash can. Day in and day out, we throw away our scraps and our local trash team disposes of it. Regardless if your trash protected by a bag, you still run the risk of spreading bacteria. According to studies, a survey shows that there are over 411 million bacteria per square inch on an average family home’s bin. To compare, that’s more bacteria than what lives on your bathroom light switch, toilet seat and flush handle. The most common bacteria living on your garbage bin are E.Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella.

Salmonella is bacteria that is usually found in raw meat, uncooked poultry or in eggs. Those poisoned can experience side effects such as fever, headaches, diarrhea, and nausea. Victims of E.Coli and Listeria poisoning suffer from similar side effects including dehydration. To avoid poisoning, it’s best to clean your trash bins once a week.


Maggots are one the most common insects found at the bottom of outside trash bins. They are the larva of various species of flies including houseflies, cheese flies and blowflies. These small white insects love to feed on decaying food. Maggots enjoy eating rotting meat specially and can be harmful to your health. Maggots can also be harmful to your pet’s health as cats and dogs are known to dig in the trash.


Viruses are almost impossible to get rid of. There are household sprays that claim to remove 99% of bacteria and viruses, but can you truly an aerosol spray to keep your family from getting sick? Certain viruses, including those that cause the cold or flu, can survive for 48 hours outside of the human body. Your trashcan can host them. Since viruses live longer on non-porous surfaces, like your trashcan, without cleaning it regularly, you may be prone to getting sick.

Listen, we understand that cleaning your bin isn’t the most exciting task. But periodically showing your trash bin attention will lead to health benefits for you and your family. BinFresco takes pride in cleanliness and won’t allow you to touch a dirty bin again. For more information about our bin cleaning services or to get started on scheduled cleanings, please give us a call at (833) 237-3726.

We provide trash bin cleaning services to both residential and commercial properties.

Even if your house is spotless, there’s one thing that’s always dirty: your trash bin.

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