If you’re like most, you’ve already started your spring cleaning. You’ve cleaned out your closets, you’ve deep cleaned your bathroom tiles, and you’ve cleaned the crayons off your kid’s walls, but have you scheduled a trash bin cleaning?  Usually, you assign your kids to take out the trash, but without an effective trash bin cleaning, you could be putting them in danger. Here’s why you need a cleaning from BinFresco to make it safe for your kids to do their chores.

What types of things grow in your trash can?

Can you imagine what types of things are growing in your trash can?  As we discussed earlier, on the site, your trash bin can store all kinds of unwanted germs While cooking, you may constantly throw away raw meats and eggs that can cause bacteria to grow at the bottom of your outside bin. This can make it unsafe for your kids to do their chores. If a child touches the infected trash bin, then wipes their face or eyes or puts their fingers in their mouth, they can easily become infected with germs and become very sick. It’s best to schedule a regular trash bin cleaning with BinFresco to avoid the spread of germs. Here are a few things that grow inside your bin:

  • Bacteria
    • Listeria, Salmonella, E.Coli and more can grow in your trash can if it’s not cleaned often and correctly. According to studies, a survey shows that there are over 411 million bacteria per square inch on an average family home’s bin. This can be more than what lives in your toilet seat. Salmonella grows mainly from raw meat and eggs. When you’re throwing away discarded parts before cooking, this bacteria can transfer from your kitchen trash to outside even if it’s in a bag.
  • Maggots
    • Maggots are one of the most common insects found in trash cans. They love to feed on your leftovers, especially rotting meat. Not only are they harmful to your health, but they can also harm your kids as well.
  • Mold
    • Mold and fungus can easily grow at the bottom of your trash bin. These are dangerous and can cause chronic illnesses.

Why is it important to clean your trash bin

By now, you can see why it’s essential to clean your trash bin regularly. While you’re spring cleaning your house, you should consider components outside of the home as well. With a dirty trash bin, you’re promoting injections, bacteria, and odors that don’t show off what spring cleaning represents. Try to clean your trash bins regularly. At BinFresco we make it easy with scheduled options including weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

How bin fresco can clean your bin to make it safe for kids

BinFresco offers a trash bin cleaning service that can truly make your bin safe for kids to take the trash out. Cleaning your bin is done in three steps: Clean, Disinfect and Deodorize. When washing your container, our specialized 360-rotating cleaning heads remove dirt and grime from every crevice, providing the ultimate clean. Next, we disinfect by killing the bacteria that cause odors. Lastly, we deodorize. Your trash bins instantly become fresher and a cleaner household utility.

Trash bin cleaning services with BinFresco

In all, no one likes taking out the trash, even your kids. While you’re finishing up your spring cleaning, your friends at BinFresco remind you to clean your trash bin. With our trash bin cleaning services, not only will you be able to enjoy a fresher, bacteria-free trash bin, but it will be much safer your kids to do their chores. Call BinFresco now to schedule your next cleaning.

We provide trash bin cleaning services to both residential and commercial properties.

Even if your house is spotless, there’s one thing that’s always dirty: your trash bin.

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