A special day of celebrating our beautiful planet is just around the corner! With Earth Day quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to think about how you’re helping the environment and what improvements you can make right at home. In sunny Miami, it’s garden galore everywhere you go. Whether you have a mango tree right in your backyard or wildflowers growing next to your porch, having a little garden is common in South Florida. Despite our tropical weather that plants thrive in, it can be a bit difficult to know what to do when your plants are looking a little dead. At BinFresco, trash cans are our specialty, so here’s a useful tip for celebrating Earth Day with a Trash Can Compost Bin, that’s not only better for your budget but also better for the environment!

What’s a Compost Bin?

You might’ve seen some compost bins at your local gardening or retail store, but here’s some info just in case you forgot: A compost bin is essentially a container you put outside to collect organic waste that can be used as a plant fertilizer after decomposing. These bins can be made out of materials like rubber, wood, plastic, and metal.

While there’s plenty of compost bins out there that you can buy, you probably already have a perfectly good one at home! An old trash can you no longer need can be the perfect compost bin, especially if it has a lid and wheels. A trash can compost bin will not only prevent you from going out and spending money on one, but also it will help you reuse what you already own and help your family be more environmentally friendly.

Turning Trash into Treasure is Better

If you’re not that familiar with gardening, you might be asking, “What’s so great about compost?” For starters, it saves you money. Instead of having to go out and buy expensive bags of fertilizer from the store, you can use some of your table scraps and garbage to make compost. Additionally, this natural and organic fertilizer is better for your plants and the environment as a whole because it’s not harsh and chemically compromised like store-bought fertilizer.

Composting gives your plants the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong, and if you happen to be growing food in your garden, it can even make your fruits and vegetables more safe to eat than plants filled with harmful pesticides. Speaking of food, excessive food waste is a huge problem in the United States, and throwing away tons of uneaten food is just one of the many ways you’re probably contributing to this issue. Composting is simply a way to turn your trash into treasure and make the world a better place.

How to Make Your Own

Constructing a homemade trash can compost bin is easier than you think. Start with an old trash bin you no longer use. Rubber ones with wheels and a locking lid are best because they provide mobility and security against animals rummaging through your food scraps. After you’ve found a bin, you can begin to drill small holes (about half an inch in diameter) in the bottom and on the sides of the bin to help air circulate inside your organic fertilizer.

Make sure to put bricks or some other kind of stand for your bin to sit on top of so that air can flow through the holes on the bottom. Once your trash can compost bin is ready, all you have to do is fill it up!

Plant material such as grass clippings, uncooked fruit and vegetable leftovers, and dried up leaves are perfect for throwing into your bin. Shredded paper, tissues, paper towels, napkins, and even shells from eggs and peanuts are perfectly usable as well.

Cleaning Your Bin at BinFresco

Whatever you put in there, make sure you break it up into smaller pieces so that they can decompose more efficiently. However, you should steer clear of putting things like animal feces, walnuts, cooking oil, rice, meat, or dairy products into your compost bin as they can introduce parasites, diseases, and chemicals that do not bode well with plants.

As for the trash cans you use for the rest of your garbage, we want to keep them fresh and clean at Bin Fresco. Our fast and monthly trash bin cleaning service is all you need to keep everything deodorized and stain-free. Whether you need to keep your outdoor trash cans clean at home or outside your office building, Bin Fresco can provide you the highest quality sanitary services.

We provide trash bin cleaning services to both residential and commercial properties.

Even if your house is spotless, there’s one thing that’s always dirty: your trash bin.

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